The Process

Thank you for your interest in Nanny Next Door! We look forward to exceeding your expectations, and promise to match you with the perfect nanny for your family. Please find our process outlined below. If you have any questions at anytime, do not hesitate to call Kristy Herrick directly at 703-310-6711.


Nanny Temps (short-term, babysitting, etc.)

For summer vacation, winter holiday, those times when your permanent nanny is on vacation, or additional needs arise for more childcare help, Nanny Next Door’s Nanny Temp Service can help! Call or email and we’ll get back to you right away.


Permanent Placements (full-time or part-time)

Step 1. Parent Survey
Fill out our brief survey.  If there are items that you want to discuss, or if you need to add more information after submitting the survey, please call our office 703-310-6711.

Step 2. Needs Assessment with Placement Counselor
Once we receive your survey, we will meet with you in-person. We strive to develop and maintain a strong relationship with your family, and the better we know you, the better match we can make with a nanny! At this time, the non-refundable Nanny Match Deposit of $250 is due to Nanny Next Door. This deposit is applied towards the total placement fee.

Step 3. Nanny Cross Matching
After your detailed conversation with a placement counselor, we review our nanny candidates’ detailed applications in order to determine an appropriate match between nanny and family.
Before you are ever matched with a nanny candidate, Nanny Next Door will conduct in- person interviews to ensure they would be both a qualified candidate as well as a good personal match to your family. We then verify the candidate’s employment history and check their references. Then, and only if we remain certain that the match should proceed, will we refer a nanny to you to interview.

Step 4. Interviewing Nanny Candidates
Nanny Next Door will provide you with the nanny profiles we feel will be a great match for your family. The profile includes information we gathered during our reference checks and our personal interview. You will have three business days to decide if you want to interview the candidate; after three days the candidate’s profile may be shared with another family.
We will assist in scheduling interviews for you and the nanny. Please call or e-mail us after each interview to give us your feedback. We also encourage families to check the candidates references themselves; often the deciding factor between two great candidates may be a particularly strong recommendation from a previous employer.

Step 5. Nanny Selection; Letter of Intent to Hire
Once you have selected a nanny and decide you want to go forward with the background investigation, a ‘Letter of Intent to Hire’ is signed.
Nanny Next Door will perform in-depth background and criminal investigations, both in- house and with a trusted personal investigations firm. A copy of the completed background investigation and any other important information will be provided to you.

Step 6. Nanny/Family Agreement
Once you have decided to make an offer and the nanny accepts, Nanny Next Door will assist with Work Agreement negotiations and provide CPR/First-Aid training for the nanny through a certified course (unless the nanny has recent certifications that have been verified.)  The work agreement is imperative to a successful placement. This outlines the job responsibilities, wages, benefits, hours and anything else you and the nanny would like to add. We will draft the agreement and edit or make additions as you see fit.

Step 7. Deliver Fee & Contract to Nanny Next Door
At this point, the remaining Nanny Placement fee is due to Nanny Next Door. Payment must be received at least 5 business days before your nanny will begin work.
In thanks to you as a permanent placement client, you automatically receive a complimentary 1-year membership to our Nanny Temps service! We look forward to assisting you with your short-term placement needs.