What is the Nanny Next Door Promise?
We strive to match you with the perfect nanny for your family.  If you are not completely satisfied in the first 3 months, we will place another nanny with you at no additional charge. After 3 months, we will discount our placement fee on a sliding scale.

How long does it take to match our family with a nanny?
Nanny Next Door recommends that families plan on a 6-week process.

After we interview a nanny that we want to hire, how long until she can start to work?
It takes less than a week from the time you know who you want to hire, until everything is ready for her to start working!

How do you find nannies?
Nanny Next Door prides our ability to recruit great nannies using our personal connections, networking, including word-of-mouth referrals, and on-campus recruiting.

Do you have nannies who babysit?
A: Yes! We provide access to occasional nannies.

What background checks do you run on the nannies?
A: We fully investigate our nannies so you can rest assured that you are hiring someone you can trust. Our background checks cover references, work history, legal status, criminal record, sexual predator databases, driving records and TB/health status.

How much does permanent placement cost?
A: Our permanent placements cost $3,500 and come with the Nanny Next Door Promise, a satisfaction guarantee.

How does your Nanny Temp Service work?
A: A family would join the service, paying a yearly membership fee of $75, and then pay a daily rate, $25 typically, in addition to the nanny’s hourly wages. Please contact us for more information on the Nanny Temp Service.

How do I get hired through Nanny Next Door?
A: We hire the best in the business! Please submit your online¬†application to be a nanny, and we’ll be in touch for more information.

What do I do about payroll taxes?
A: We highly recommend using a payroll service specifically for household employees such as Breed Love or 4NannyTaxes.